We are still here.


It was a heck of a day.  The first tornado warning came at about 6 am, the last at about 7pm.  We spend hours in the basement.  At one point, at about 6pm, we were in the dark, in the basement, wearing our bike helmets, listening to the TV weatherman on the radio.  When the power went out, there were 7 tornado signatures around us, some with debris fields visible on the radar.  The weather guy was trying to keep up, but they just kept popping up.  "OK." he said, "Here's the deal, if you can hear me and it's raining where you are, assume you are under a tornado warning and take precautions."  Never, ever want to hear that advice again.

The days since were spent searching for ice, cooking with charcoal, and caring for our elderly neighbor, who just couldn't quite grasp the situation.  Now we are sharing our hot water and air conditioning with friends who are still hot, tired and working hard just to eat.

Schools are all still closed, might open Wednesday of Thursday, if they get the power back up.  Poor K will be in school till July.  Funny, most of the kids are having a great time, playing outside, and with fire, taking baths with one gallon of luke warm water, and picnicing every day.  K tried to heat water with car sun shields and black construction paper.  Got the water up to 101F!  One day she'll tell her kids all about how dark and quiet it was when all the power in the county was off.

Looking forward to normal, or at least whatever normal we get back to.


So sad.

K's first Doctor Who costume was Sarah Jane Smith.  I almost made her the Andy Pandy overalls, but the culottes won out.  I made her navy culottes, and we made a pull string K-9 together one week when she was home sick.  Crowds of little boys followed her around all night. Such happy memories.


Goodbye Ms. Sladen.  Thank you so much, for everything.

1 hour + duct tape = Cool gift for friend.

K was was invited to a sleepover for a friend's birthday.  She wanted to make her a purse, because her friend loved the one that K made and carries all the time.  We only had one hour, so I helped tear the strips of duct tape and K built the purse.  I love the way this one turned out.


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Peep has a Baby Brother!!!!

Remember my little buddy Peep, cute, tough, tiny survivor, well she's home and happy and....... she has a baby brother!!!

He came really early and had some tough times, but he is home, healthy, and cute as a bug. I made him a little something to welcome him to his happy family.



I made up the pattern for the blanket, just a big granny square surrounded by smaller squares. I used Caron simply soft, cause I liked the baby blue. The baby baseball cap turned out so cute. I followed the newborn ballcap pattern I found on Crochetville.

I met the owner/operator of Crochetville a few months ago. We we sitting on a bench waiting for our children during All State Orchestra. We both pulled out our sticks and string and of course, started to chat. Crochet, officially bringing people together since the 1824.

It's All K's Fault or How Duct Tape Took Over the School.

It all started last summer.  K attends VBS at her friend S.G.'s church every summer, cause they have the best program.  As K describes it, they talk about Jesus for a little while and then they do fun stuff for hours.  K always chooses some kind of arts and crafts class.  One year, K learned to weave baskets.  Another, she did pottery, real pieces that they glazed and fired.  One day last summer, they taught the kids to make duct tape purses.


K LOVED IT!  Needless, to say, I bought her some Duct Tape.


To be continued...